Zac Brown Apologizes For Involvement In Recent Drug Bust — Read The Full Statement HERE!

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We’ve been waiting for an explanation!

Following Zac Brown‘s Miami drug bust on Thursday, the singer took to Facebook to explain the scandal which left many disappointed fans in its wake.

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In the message, Zac sounds a bit lighthearted as he jokes that “nothing good ever happens when you stay out late” while also absolving himself blame. It’s clear the singer wants to wash his hands of this cocaine filled incident ASAP!

Take a look at Z.B.’s post (below)!

Inneresting! It seems that the country guy’s story corroborates a police report that clears him of involvement. On the other hand, his take COMPLETELY contradicts an insider who claims the star had prescription pills on hand and seemed to definitely be apart of the party.

Even if Brown didn’t bring the cocaine to the gathering, you have to wonder if he had intended to participate in the THIRTY grams found at the scene.

So, what do YOU think of Zac’s message?

[Image via Instagram.]

Apr 15, 2016 4:54pm PDT

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