At Least 10 People Reportedly Tried To File Their Taxes Through Coachella’s Fake Log Cabin Post Office… So You’re Doing Better Than Them!

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Being an adult is hard.

Not only are you forced to do your own taxes without ever being prepared for such a difficult task, but sometimes, said taxes are due mere hours after you were getting stoned at Coachella!

Okay, so this probably does happen to too many people, but we’re hearing that at least ten individuals tried to file their taxes at a cartoon-ish log cabin “post office” in Indio, Cali. over the weekend…

Photo: Coachella 2016 — All The Hot Looks From The Middle Of The Desert

Apparently, some forgetful festival-goers tried to get the cutely named post card shop to deliver their forms last minute, but since Coachella obviously doesn’t have a fully-running post office, they were turned away.

But not before giving shopkeeper Megan Hampton some lip — she says the procrastinators thought the shop was an actual USPS location and were confused why she wouldn’t take their taxes, saying:

“No, I can’t ‘just take it.’ How do they have their taxes here? I don’t know.”

While the “post office” does mail the Coachella post cards it sells, it’s not a legal operation by any means, which means Megan could not legally take other people’s tax forms.

Hopefully the music fans were able to get their paperwork in on Monday, because no one wants to be audited… especially when you may or may not have used your form I-9 as rolling paper. LOLz!!!

Did U survive Coachella and/or Tax Day this week??

[Image via OC Register/Twitter.]

Apr 18, 2016 6:45pm PDT

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