D*ck Move! Donald Trump Micropenis Artist Is Being Threatened With A Lawsuit!

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It’s such a shame this wonderful art can’t be bought and sold, trafficked for the world to see!!

Illma Gore, the artist who infamously created Make America Great Again, a piece depicting Donald Trump nude with a teeny peen, is being threatened with a lawsuit over the work!

Despite receiving bids on the piece (censored, above) that are approaching nearly $150,000, Gore has been informed by an anonymous filing that if she sells the piece in question, she will be sued!

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After the AH-Mazing artwork went viral back in February when Gore published it on her Facebook page, the artist received an anonymous Digital Millennium Copyright Act filing threatening a lawsuit if the work were sold.

Then, when American galleries refused to host the piece in their halls for fear of the reactions of The Donald’s supporters, London’s Maddox Gallery offered to display the work — so at least there are eyes on this incredible thing!!

Gore is still shocked by the reaction to it, telling reporters:

“The reaction, especially in the UK, has been incredibly supportive. Everywhere apart from America has been great. Who knew it would be such a big deal? I think an artist’s job is to take the times we’re living in and then set the scene. It is a representation of where we are.”

According to The Guardian, she is in England now, allowing Maddox Gallery to manage the sale of the painting — which they have conservatively priced at more than a million dollars!

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Cordelia de Freitas, the gallery’s director, seemed excited about how popular the work has been:

“It only really got out of hand when Donald Trump referenced it in a debate, which sums up Trump and his ego. From there, everyone wanted to see this image.”

Of course, Freitas is referencing the brouhaha after Marco Rubio‘s infamous small hands comments about The Donald nearly two months ago.

Regardless, we’ll see how serious Gore is about selling this thing in England considering the lawsuit threat hanging over her head.

Judging by the piece itself, that lawsuit is the ONLY big thing hanging over this situation! Ha!!!

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And in all its glory, just to truly appreciate its magnificence, let’s take one more look (below) at the fully uncensored version of Gore’s work:

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Not YUGE at all!!


[Image via IllmaGore.com.]

Apr 18, 2016 12:47pm PST

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