Watch As Completely CRAY Woman Jumps Into A Tiger Enclosure At The Zoo — Just To Retrieve Her Hat!

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This is unbelievable!!!

On Saturday, video was posted to YouTube showing a woman jumping into the tiger enclosure at the Toronto Zoo in order to retrieve a hat she had dropped — which, in and of itself, would have been crazy enough!

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It gets even better, though, because not only was the tiger there and REALLY ready to hunt — a thin chain-link fence was all that separated woman and beast once she jumped in — but after the lady climbed back out of the enclosure, she got in a fight with other zoo guests over her actions!

Ch-ch-check it out (below), all going down from the initial jump into the enclosure, to two men loudly and repeatedly calling the woman a ‘moron’ for her actions because, well…


So much to take in there — not the least of which is the woman ACTUALLY JUMPING INTO THE ENCLOSURE!

And for a hat! A freakin’ hat!

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What do YOU think? Did the woman deserved her dressing down??

Just another day at the zoo, we suppose…

[Image via YouTube.]

Apr 18, 2016 5:00pm PDT

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