Adrienne Bailon Says She’s Not ‘Shallow’ When It Comes To Dating! Find Out Why!

You tell 'em, Adrienne!

Adrienne Bailon knows there’s so much more to people than just looks!

On The Real, the brunette beauty opened up about how she doesn’t approve of superficial dating standards, and got really honest about publicity and relationships in Hollywood.

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During the talk show, the co-host explained that, during her time as a teen in 3LW, music industry professionals told the members of the girl group to keep their dating lives under wraps in order to maintain a desirable image, saying:

“Growing up in the music industry, you know, when you’re in a teenage girl group, they don’t want you to say you have a boyfriend. Like it is definitely something that is known that like, there’s two things I was told back in the day. It was, if you really want to be a big superstar, girls should want to be you and men should want to be with you. So like, that’s literally what they would say, which is terrible.”

The 32-year-old dished that she’s NOT a fan of people who base their decisions entirely on image, adding:

“I feel really passionate about this├óΓé¼┬ªmainly because I think people that are in entertainment sometimes use the excuse of their image for the reason why they do the things they do.”

The gorgeous gal, who’s currently dating singer Israel Houghton, continued to say that she would never act in such a superficial way:

“And maybe I’m just not that shallow, but I will not be someone’s friend or not be someone’s friend because it’s a good look or a bad look. That’s ridiculous.”

Good for you, girl! That’s an AH-mazing attitude to have!

The Cheetah Girls alum also expressed that status and looks do NOT affect her dating decisions:

“I’m going to be genuine. I’m going to date someone because I like them. I’m not going to date them because it’s what you think is a good look for me or what you don’t think is a good look for me or what your ideal in my head of who I should be with or not be with. I think you are a genuine real person when you do something not for your image, but for your heart.”

YAAAAAAS, Adrienne! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Ch-ch-check out her full speech (below)!

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Apr 19, 2016 9:46pm PDT

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