Christian Slater Claims His Father Attempted To Kill Him & His Mother — Get The Tragic Details HERE

christian slater dad tried to kill him

Christian Slater‘s relationship with his dad is sadder than we even knew!

As you may know, the Mr. Robot star is currently being sued by his father Thomas Knight Slater for $20 million as he claims that his son ruined his career by noting in an interview that he suffered frommanic-depressive schizophrenia.”

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However, the Golden Globe winner just filed to have the defamation lawsuit thrown out and highlighted that it was his mother who first told him about his father’s mental health issues. Reportedly, Christian’s mom informed him that Thomas was taken to the famed Bellevue Hospital back in 1972 when the Ryan’s Hope actor threatened to kill his wife and son.

How tragic! Not to mention, Slater also noted that his mother told him his poppa once allegedly tried to push her into a busy street when she was pregnant with the A-lister.

As evidence for his case, the Heathers alum also added several postcards from his estranged father where T.K. accuses that Christian would be nothing without him. One of the notes relayed:

“I take FULL CREDIT: I’m the vital ingredient.”

Oh man. Now that’s family drama.

Nonetheless, we have a feeling that the court will rule in Christian’s favor — or at least, we hope it does!

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Apr 19, 2016 10:56am PDT

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