Is Real Housewives Of Dallas‘ Entire Show Going To Be About Poop?! Get A Sh*tty Recap!

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Fittingly, The Real Housewives Of Dallas made their #2 episode all about… #2.

Yes! A poop joke! Get ready for more, because on Monday night, RHOD was literally all about… poop. Like, that’s it. That’s all of it.

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The ladies of the big D talked toilet topics all night in a new development even for the folks over at Bravo, and it’s AH-Mazing!!!

The women — including ring leader Brandi Redmond — attended the Mad Hatter’s Gala to benefit the Dallas Arboretum as part of the show, and being Brandi, uh, she decided to adorn her hat to the event in, um… we’re not really sure, OK?!

Neither were Tiffany Hendra and LeeAnne Locken, who wasted no time making fun of Miz Redmond for the look (below), starting with Miz Hendra:

“I’m not really sure what Brandi’s wearing. I think it has dog poo on it.”

What the… wait… looking at it again (above)… yeah, maybe she’s right!!!

From there, the charity part of the night was more or less forgotten, because the show fell into a disarray of poop jokes and puns.

Arboretum? Nah. More like ‘poop in the park,’ y’all!!

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This all might stem from the fact that Brandi — unlike Tiffany, LeeAnne, or Cynthia Smoot — decided to make her own hat for the gala. That proved costly for the poor gal, who took sh*t from her frenemies all night long over her inneresting hat choice.

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Of course, other things happened last night, too. Tiffany and her hubby Aaron, an Aussie musician, shopped for a mansion, while the poor woman just couldn’t hang back from the potty humor as she described their relationship:

“Did you know we’ve been married 11 years and never seen each other pee?”

Of course you haven’t, darling. You’re not Brandi!


Did U see this poopy episode of RHOD?! Is it time they get far, far away from potty humor, or is it workin’ for ya?!

Let us know in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Bravo.]

Apr 19, 2016 10:41am PDT

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