Is Rihanna Upset With Jay Z & Tidal Over Her ANTI Album Sales? Her Former Publicist Seems To Think So!


Another day, more drama with Tidal.

Remember Jonathan Hay? Rihanna‘s former publicist who admitted to starting a rumor about Jay Z cheating on Beyonc├â┬⌐ with the Barbadian beauty to promote Pon De Replay?

Well, he’s back!

In a new interview with Mirror, the record producer calls Tidal “embarrassing,” adding that his former 28-year-old client is “upset” her latest album ANTI only sold 460 copies in the first week because of the streaming service’s exclusivity.

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And it was just yesterday we told you about the class action lawsuit against Jay Z and Kanye West for duping users into paying subscription fees. Le sigh.

Hay told the site:

“Tidal is lame. It’s embarrassing for Jay Z. And now to see Kanye West do the Tidal album and his record doesn’t chart, and then Rihanna’s first week, it was a disaster. For Jay Z to make his artists do this is so bad because this is affecting their legacy. It’s really crazy and I know for a fact Rihanna is upset about the Tidal thing and you can see it when you go to her Twitter. She is a Tidal owner, but on her Twitter to pick up her album, she uses a Google plus app not Tidal. That’s her shooting back because Jay Z is just making a mistake.”

Dang, tell us how you really feel!

Speaking on the release of RiRi’s eighth studio album (which disappeared after a “streaming error”), the 42-year-old celeb publicist shared:

“The rollout was sloppy, the rollout was bad, to go on Tidal exclusively and eliminate Spotify and Apple is absolutely mad. Thirty years from now, people will just see her first week was a flop. Kanye has now been called a flop. And it’s all because of this Tidal sh*t.”


“Just imagine if Adele came out with a Tidal exclusive, it would be weird, it just needs to go away because Jay Z is affecting his artists’ brands. I fear Rihanna is losing and she is going to start going down.”


While we are happy that Rihanna widened the release of her album, we do hope Tidal starts getting all of their ducks in a row.

Otherwise those ducks are going to fly south to another service…

What do YOU think about Tidal’s business model??

[Image via Instagram/WENN.]

Apr 19, 2016 12:18pm PDT

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