More Disturbing Details Emerge About Socialite Tinsley Mortimer’s Relationship With Ex-Boyfriend Nico Fanjul

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This relationship sounds like nothing but trouble!

Just a few weeks after Tinsley Mortimer was arrested for trespassing on her ex-boyfriend Nico Fanjul‘s property, People Magazine revealed horrendous past incidences of domestic violence. Overall, it’s a very scary and upsetting situation.

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According to legal docs, Mortimer was hospitalized with a head injury following a domestic dispute in December of 2013. Following the 2013 scandal, the socialite found herself in another distressing situation six months later in June of 2014 when police were called to Nico’s house to find the couple embroiled in a violent spat.

Apparently, the two got into such a bad disagreement that the blonde claimed Fanjul “tried to smother her with a pillow”. Police noted blood marks on the pillows and both parties had visible injuries at the time. Ms. Mortimer also recorded a video of N.F. keying her car and breaking her windshield wipers.

Yikes. What a horrific and terrible tale.

To make matters worse, authorities were called AGAIN in December of 2014 after a concerned neighbor caught “a suspicious incident involving a male subject and female involved in an altercation”.

Unsurprisingly, Tinsley and Nico were both found to be “intoxicated” and the exes both accused each other of abuse. While Fanjul was “uncooperative”, he did claim the blonde “attacked and scratched him” which left clear injuries on his body.

On the other hand, the neighbor counters this version of events by saying the sugar heir allegedly pushed Mortimer’s head into the pavement outside the home. If the claim is true, it’s deeply unsettling.

Either way, it’s good these two are broken up… hopefully the latest incident in this tumultuous relationship spells the end of this hideous cycle of abuse.

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Apr 19, 2016 8:01pm PDT

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