Whole Foods Sued Over Homophobic Slur On Cake — But The Company Is Firing Back With A Very Pointed Statement!

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This is awful!

Whole Foods is being sued by a Texas man who claims that he’s been discriminated against for being gay after the company put a bigoted anti-LGBT message on a custom cake he ordered last week!

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Jordan Brown, a pastor in Austin, Texas, has come forward with the lawsuit and press conference (above) after he claims a Whole Foods employee allegedly wrote ‘f*g’ on a cake he’d ordered — after he had only requested that ‘Love Wins’ be written in frosting on the cake!!

Here’s the NSFW cake in question (below):

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Brown, who is gay, claims that he never noticed the writing on the cake until he’d left the store and was in his car sitting at a stoplight.

Then, he says he immediately called Whole Foods’ corporate offices and left a voicemail, but nobody returned his call.

He then called that particular store directly and spoke with a manager who indicated he’d fire whomever was responsible for the alleged bigotry.

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But when the man called Brown back two hours later, the pastor alleges the manager told him Whole Foods employees had done nothing wrong — and wouldn’t be punished.

Incensed, Brown took his case to a law firm, prompting Whole Foods to release a very strong message about the alleged incident:

“Our team member wrote ‘Love Wins’ at the top of the cake as requested by the guest, and that’s exactly how the cake was packaged and sold at the store. Our team members do not accept or design bakery orders that include language or images that are offensive. Whole Foods Market has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination. We stand behind our bakery team member, who is part of the LGBTQ community, and the additional team members from the store, who confirmed the cake was decorated with only the message ‘Love Wins.'”

Wow — so somebody isn’t telling the truth here… and Whole Foods absolutely doubled down in believing their employee ahead of Brown!


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For his part, Brown did post a video purportedly from the day of the incident showing the graphic message on the cake in a sealed box (below):


What do U think about this controversy?!

[Image via KXAN.]

Apr 19, 2016 11:36am PDT

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