Fitness Instructor’s Fake Police Officer Killer Might Actually Be A Woman — See What Police Are Saying About The Security Footage Now!

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Police who are investigating the eerie murder of Terri Bevers have backpedaled on earlier statements about the killer — in that he could very well be a she.

After the Texas fitness instructor was found dead preparing for her boot camp in a church on Monday, surveillance footage captured a mysterious person wandering the building about an hour before Bevers’ body was found.

Initially, police chief Carl Smith described the suspect — who was completely covered in SWAT gear — as a man, saying “his intent was was to look like a police officer.”

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But now, officials are saying that the suspect could actually be female.

On Tuesday, Midlothian assistant police chief Kevin Johnson told local reporters that due to the suspect’s “gait and appearance,” officials are now questioning the gender of the alleged killer. He said:

“We are backing off our statement that the suspect on video was a man. I know we said ├óΓé¼╦£he’ over and over again yesterday, and that was a mistake. There’s a lot of speculation based on the gait and appearance that this person may be a woman. It’s a legitimate question right now.”

This new speculation makes even less known about the suspect, though Terri’s husband of almost 18 years Brandon Bevers described the individual as “6-foot tall” in a recent interview.

The widower held a vigil for his wife at a Midlothian Elementary School on Tuesday, telling gatherers through tears:

“I wasn’t very good at praising my wife for what she did, and that’s one of my regrets.”

This breaks our hearts. Hopefully, the investigation brings more information to light and Bevers’ killer is brought to justice.

Do YOU think the suspect is a woman? Watch a clip of the security footage (below) and decide for yourself.

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Apr 20, 2016 3:58pm PDT

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