Harriet Tubman To Replace Andrew Jackson On The $20 Bill — Get The Deets!

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Talk about exciting news!

On Wednesday afternoon, the Treasury Department is expected to officially announce that the Civil War African-American abolitionist and suffragist Harriet Tubman will replace the seventh President of the United States Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill!

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Tubman was most famously known for escaping slavery, traveling back to the South in 1853, and freeing hundreds of other slaves via the Underground Railroad.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is expected to make the monumental announcement along with a few other changes that could include putting more leaders of the women’s suffrage movement on the back of the $10 bill!

Not only that, but the Treasury is looking to possibly add civil rights leaders and other more current historical figures to the $5 bill!

Lew is also expected to reveal that Alexander Hamilton will be remaining on the $10. Normally, this wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but the Secretary said last summer that a woman would be replacing Hamilton on the bill, to which there was apparently quite a bit of blowback.

It probably didn’t hurt that the Broadway musical Hamilton has be blowing EVERYONE away and helping to keep old Hammy relevant!

The bills reportedly won’t be ready until about 2020, but there’s a chance that the Treasury could ask the Federal Reserve to speed the process up to try and get the money in circulation as fast as possible.

What do you think of this incredible change?!

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Apr 20, 2016 2:33pm PDT

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