Kelly Ripa Is Not Only Pissed At Michael Strahan For Jumping Ship But At Disney Too! Get All Of The Drama HERE!

Kelly Ripa is PISSED about Michael Strahan leaving

Uh oh!

On Wednesday, it was reported that Kelly Ripa is furious about Michael Strahan‘s departure from Live With to Good Morning America because she feels she was blindsided by the former NFL star’s announcement AND was incredibly disrespected by the executives at Disney. Awkward!

Apparently, Miz Ripa received a call about the move at the exact same time the network was announcing Strahan’s jump to GMA. Not to mention, the industry vet never received the official word directly from Disney CEO’s Bob Iger, or any of the other head honchos at the parent company.

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Not cool! Sources dished to TMZ that the 45-year-old and her show’s team feel that the corporate company has proven with this behavior that they don’t care about Kelly’s morning show and only want to breathe GMA back to life — who has lost a major portion of their audience in the last year.

Reportedly, there is talk back at the network to add a THIRD hour to GMA and to bump Live With from their 9 a.m. time slot — despite the fact that Kelly’s been VERY successful at that hour. Seriously?

Although, it’s said that adding another hour onto the early morning show only makes sense as Michael’s established a presence at 9 a.m. Yeah, but over Kelly though?

This might be the ultimate betrayal for the former Soap Opera star as it is rumored that Disney may not be able to mend this sleight. In fact, many are comparing this situation to the Ann Curry/Today Show debacle.

Tsk, tsk!

Apr 20, 2016 7:15am PDT

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