Lena Dunham Shares Health Update Following Endometriosis Recovery

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham is on the mend!

As you may recall, back in November, the 29-year-old penned an intimate look into her painful struggle with what has now been diagnosed and treated as endometriosis — a disorder that causes the lining of the uterus to grow outside of the uterus. In March, the Girls star underwent surgery after having an ovarian cyst rupture.

Needless to say, it hasn’t been an easy journey — but things are beginning to look up.

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At the 8th annual Blossom Ball on Tuesday night (where she was awarded the Blossom Award), Miz Dunham gave a much-anticipated update:

“I feel great. I feel really alive. I feel the general itchiness and strangeness that I always feel when I get dressed up for an event. But that’s all.”

She continued:

“I got much more rest time than the average woman with endo would probably be permitted, considering my job. I have been treating myself like a delicate, delicate flower.”

We’re so happy to hear she was able to take a much-needed break from her crazy busy life!

Lena told People:

“I did have a health crisis in February and March, but what was so amazing was that my jobs allowed me to rest and binge watch Kimmy Schmidt and lay with a hot water bottle, and do what it is I want to do. And that’s not the case for so many women who have this disease.”

The Not That Kind Of Girl author also took a moment to thank her mentor Padma Lakshmi, who founded the EFA:

“Padma has been amazing. Padma reached out the minute that she learned I’d been diagnosed. And when I went public with it in my book. And she has lead me to all kinds of resources and knowledge and given me a better understanding of the community of women who are suffering with this illness. I feel very, very blessed to know her.”

While every woman’s struggle with the disease is different, Lena is focused on raising awareness about endometriosis:

“Every single woman’s methods for getting better are different. So what works for one woman may absolutely not for another. Obviously, excision surgery like what I’ve had twice and what Dr. Seckin [who founded EFA with Lakshmi] does is really effective. But it’s something many women will have to battle with for their whole reproductive lives. And so, even though I’ve had these challenging moments, I feel lucky that I had the resources to handle them and smart people around me.”

This is great news!!!

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Apr 20, 2016 11:34am PDT

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