Wait… Did Justin Bieber Just Throw Major Shade At Prince?

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Fingers crossed this isn’t true.

On Thursday, a screenshot of an insensitive comment Justin Bieber allegedly made against Prince circulated on the internet. The supposed jab comes on the heels of the singer’s untimely death at age 57.

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Here’s what went down — in tribute to the icon, musician Andrew Watt composed a thoughtful and touching message in honor of his memory. Watt even went as far to describe the Minnesota native as “the last of the greatest living performers”.

While a lot of people agreed with A.W.’s assessment, apparently Bieber did NOT… check out a screen grab of a comment allegedly made by the 21-year-old (below):

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Dayum… that’s cold if it’s legit! Even if J.B. is right or not, it’s clearly not the best time to voice an opinion. At least wait until the shock and pain has subsided!

While this comment could be fake, it’s important to note that Biebs has yet to pay tribute to the artist on Twitter or Instagram. Considering almost EVERYONE in the world has done so, it’s kinda of strange.

So, do YOU believe Justin said this? If so, do YOU think he’s wrong?

Apr 21, 2016 7:16pm PDT

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