Kelly Ripa Is So Distraught By Michael Strahan’s Live Exit — She Cancelled Her 20th Anniversary Vacation!

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She must really be going through it.

Kelly Ripa is currently at the center of TV’s biggest scandal after Michael Strahan decided to leave Live with Kelly and Michael without even telling her.

We already knew that the veteran host was taking some time off to heal from Disney and ABC‘s slight, but she’s apparently much more distraught than we originally thought!

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That’s because a source close to Kel spoke to Daily Mail on Thursday and revealed that she’s so devastated by the news that she’s actually cancelled her and Mark Consuelos‘ 20th Anniversary vacation to Turks and Caicos this weekend!

The source did not hold back from accusing the network of intentionally releasing the Good Morning America casting news ahead of her romantic trip, saying:

“The reason Kelly is upset is that ABC knew of her long standing vacation plans for the end of this week, and this is the week they chose to stick the knife in her back. She had advised them that she was taking a vacation with Mark to Turks and Caicos to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, yet they chose to dump the news on her after they had made their decision and just a few days out from her scheduled trip. She’s very hurt as she feels they have destroyed what was a significant milestone in her life and late last night they cancelled their initial plans.”

Her reaction may be intense, but we’d be just as ticked if we were in her shoes.

Hmm, we wonder if she actually canceled her vacay to plan a counter attack

It’s never nice learning where you stand with people, especially when you were supposed to be the star of the show…

But we’re still positive you can come out on top of all this, Kelly!

[Image via Broad City/Comedy Central.]

Apr 21, 2016 5:13pm PDT

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