Lily Allen Reveals She Was ‘Victim Shamed’ By Police After Speaking Out About Harrowing Experience With Her Stalker!

This is just so terrifying.

Earlier this week, Lily Allen opened up to the BBC about her harrowing experience with her stalker Alex Gray, who has been harassing the Smile singer for seven years. Oh man!

As you may know, Miz Allen first started receiving abusive letters and suicide notes back in 2009. Unfortunately, the same man broke into her apartment just last year after the A-lister forgot to lock her door. So scary!

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To make matters worse, Lily feels that the police failed her in regards to this upsetting case. Apparently, the 30 year old sent several of the notes to law enforcement officers thinking they’d be used against Gray, who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia — but she soon discovered that they had been destroyed due to “police protocol”.

Also, the man was only first arrested after he stole her handbag. While Alex has been charged with harassment and burglary, he is NOT facing stalking charges. The LDN artist even added the police didn’t seem interested in “making a stalking case”.

Lily felt particularly victim shamed after talking about her experience when an officer clapped back in a letter:

“There have been press reports suggesting you were dissatisfied with the response you received. Further, due to the high profile of this matter. I fear that other victims of similar crimes may have read the story and now may not have the confidence in us to report such matters.”

How awful! Not to mention, there wasn’t a single officer who attended the bail hearing of Lily’s stalker — who told the court the “world would be a better place without” Allen.

Although, rather than being angry at Gray for his actions, Lily simply hopes he gets the help that he so desperately needs.

Take a look at the mother of two’s emotional sit down about her serial stalking experience (above). We’re wishing Lily and her family only the best after this awful ordeal!

Apr 21, 2016 10:23am PDT

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