Fake Limp Bizkit Concert Prank Tricks More Than 100 Fans Into Hanging Out In Front Of A Gas Station For Hours…

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Absolutely nothing about this story makes any sense.

Hundreds of nu metal fans were disappointed on Wednesday when a supposed Limp Bizkit concert in Ohio proved to be a complete hoax.

Apparently, two pranksters made a fake Facebook event saying the band would be playing at a Sunoco in Dayton on 4/20 of NEXT YEAR, and managed to convince more than 100 people to gather outside the gas station yesterday!

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Brian Baker and Andy Rowe, the pair behind the HIGHlarious prank, spoke to The Daily Beast about their stunt, with Andy saying:

“I have never laughed so hard like I have these last two days, yet understood so little about why it’s funny in the first place. I keep asking myself, ‘Why does it seem like the whole world is bent on seeing Limp Bizkit play at this gas station?'”

We have to admit, it is a fascinating story.

What makes things even stranger, though, is that Fred Durst himself heard about the rumor, and even warned fans that there was no show… except that only made people believe MORE!

They thought he was trying to keep it a secret!

Clearly the Limp Bizkit fanbase is dedicated.

[Image via Freddy Dee/Instagram.]

Apr 21, 2016 6:00pm PDT

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