Prince Spotted Leaving A Pharmacy The Night Before His Sudden Death — Inside The Music Icon’s Final Days


We are still reeling at the news of Prince‘s passing at the age of 57.

While the music legend’s reps maintain that the singer had been battling the flu — many signs are pointing to the possibility of something else going on.

After an emergency plane landing and news of the I Wanna Be Your Lover singer working on a memoir… we gotta say, we’re a bit curious too.

To top it off, new information reported by TMZ reveals the Purple Rain crooner was spotted at a local Walgreens near his home in Minnesota around 7 p.m. the night before his sudden passing on Thursday morning. This was reportedly his fourth visit to the pharmacy this week.

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Although the guitarist has frequented this particular drug store for many years, onlookers are said to have been concerned at Prince’s frail and nervous appearance.

If this is true, this seems way more serious than a common cold or flu.

Despite recently feeling ill, a source tells E! News that the icon was in good spirits the past few months, and was particularly optimistic about his future:

“Prince was extremely happy and up beat about life and his music a few weeks ago. His energy was high and he was feeling healthy. He was an extremely private guy and had a few very close friends that he shared things with. He had many more (beautiful) women around him always than men. He had a few key projects that were in the works and was feeling great about executing them soon. He was working on new music as well.”

And while we know the lyricist wrote about 50 pages of his memoir to date, apparently this had been a project in the works for a while. According to the New Yorker, Prince announced the release of his book The Beautiful Ones — which would be set to be released Fall of 2017 — last month.

The performer reportedly said at a concert in March:

“The good people of Random House have made me an offer I can’t refuse. You all still read books, right?”

There is no doubt the world wants answers as to how this all lines up.

What we do know, however, is that he was sick — but never wanted to show any signs of weakness. An insider shares:

“He started not feeling well and expressed that to a few close friends. He never spoke about what the illness was only that he is just was fighting a cold and he would get better and not to worry. He never liked to complain.”

But earlier this week, everything took a turn for the worse:

“He was supposed to meet up with a few people for dinner a few days ago he decided to cancel because he was still not feeling well and he needed to reschedule. [He] never wanted to show pain — ever.”


We’ll keep you updated as the investigation continues.

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Apr 21, 2016 3:46pm PDT

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