Blake Shelton Compares Prince’s Death To A ‘Terrorist Attack’

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Who knew Blake Shelton could outdo Mike Tyson?

Following Mike’s weird and possibly insensitive tribute to Prince, Blake compared the singer’s passing to that of a “terrorist attack”. The comment is in stark contrast to Shelton’s low-key tweet about the icon’s death earlier in the day.

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Naturally, the message is a little next level considering America suffered its largest terrorist attack fifteen years ago. Not to mention all the VERY RECENT and horrific instances of terror in cities like Brussels and Paris.

Check out B.S.’s INTENSE reaction to the legend’s passing (below):

“Clearly Even though I’m a country artist, he had an impact on me as far as personality and trying to be as cool as him and failing miserably. But, you know, it’s just a blow to earth losing that guy. That’s the only way I know to put it. It feels like there’s been some sort of horrible terrorist attack, or something like that, that’s how it feels losing that guy. It just doesn’t seem right, especially being so young.”

Umm… we don’t really know what to say… so we’ll let this fan reaction speak for itself:

YUP. “A bit much”, would be accurate here.

While we’re sure the country singer meant no harm, he should really choose his words more carefully next time. We can only guess Blake had a few cocktails in him since the interview was conducted at an El Lay club.

So, what do YOU think of the musician’s words?

Apr 22, 2016 3:07pm PDT

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