Political Survey Shows These Game Of Thrones Characters Would Beat Donald Trump For President!

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The presidential race is heating up, and this primary election seems to be full of polarizing candidates.

But voters have finally found a potential leader who appeals to all parties with his knowledge of politics, witty retorts, and love of fine wine — Tyrion Lannister!

A new poll conducted by SurveyMonkey found that 24% of voters wanted the Game Of Thrones character as leader of the free world.

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Tied for first with Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, Peter Dinklage‘s onscreen alter ego beat out every other real candidate — even Hillary Clinton:

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As you can see, Tyrion beat out Hil’s 20% and even Daenerys Targaryen’s 14% — but all faired much better than GOP frontrunner Donald Trump‘s dismal 7%!

Though the most shocking statistic is Cersei Lannister’s 1% — who the eff would want that evil queen in charge!?

According to the data, Tyrion seems to appeal to the widest demographics — earning 40% of votes from liberals, 31% from conservatives, and 29% from independents:

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But 75% of survey takers would prefer to live in the U.S. over the Seven Kingdoms — so even with Tyrion on the Iron Throne, most voters would still steer clear of Westeros. LOLz!

Which GoT character would get YOUR vote for prez?

[Image via HBO/Rob Rich/WENN/SurveyMonkey.]

Apr 22, 2016 12:42pm PDT

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