Prince Press Conference — Carver County Sheriff Has ‘No Reason To Believe’ Singer’s Death Was A Suicide

Get the details from the first press conference about the singer's death.

Authorities are ruling out suicide in Prince‘s tragic death.

On Friday, the Carver County Sheriff’s Office gave an official press conference and took questions from journalists.

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During the televised event, Sheriff Jim Olson explained that he wasn’t going to be able to say much about what exactly happened to the icon on Thursday, but did offer up a touching tribute to the incredible songsmith, saying:

“This is a tragedy for all of us. To you, Prince Rogers Nelson was a celebrity. To us, he’s a community member and a good neighbor. To his family, he is a loved one. In life, he was a very private person. We are going to continue to respect his privacy and dignity and hope you do as well.”

The law enforcement leader said that, even though the autopsy has been completed, he can’t discuss any objects that were taken from the scene since the case is still under investigation.

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He did, however, reveal:

“At about 9:43 a.m. yesterday morning we received a medical call at Paisley Park in Chanhassen. Chanhassen Fire, the Carver County Sheriff’s Office, and Ridgeview Ambulance all responded to the call. That is our standard protocol. It it not unusual at all for us to have everybody respond to a medical like that.”

He continued to say that they found an unresponsive male — who was identified as the musician — in the elevator. Jim said CPR was initially started, but was unsuccessful.

The sheriff also shared that the late legend’s staff couldn’t get through to him on Thursday morning, which is why they went to his Minnesota home:

“Staff members at Paisley Park had been unable to contact Prince yesterday morning, and went to check on him. They found him unresponsive and called 911.”

He added that there were no signs of trauma on the the hitmaker’s body, and revealed that investigators don’t believe he took his own life:

“We have no reason to believe, at this point, that this was a suicide.”

Martha Weaver, who is with the Midwest Medical Examiners Office, confirmed that the artist’s autopsy was completed on Friday, and his body has been released to his family.

Officials explained that it could be weeks until the results are in, and a cause of death has been determined. Until then, Prince’s passing remains under investigation.

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Apr 22, 2016 4:08pm PST

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