Documentary Film Maker Erik Angra Alleges Chyna Was Deep In Prescription Drugs & Emotional Turmoil Days Before Her Death

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Chyna did her very best to stay positive.

Just days following the wrestler’s mysterious passing, a documentary filmmaker working on a project about her life spoke out to the Daily Mail. Erik Angra spent countless hours with the icon, especially in the weeks before her death.

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As previously reported, Erik believes prescription drugs for emotional issues played a big role in her demise. In the days prior to her passing, the 46-year-old had allegedly begun to mix the pills because she was distressed over her fractured relationship with her late father.

Speaking on the brunette’s difficult time, Erik revealed:

“She was having a tough time the past couple of weeks and we all knew that and she was using more of her prescriptions than she should have been or mixing them up – I can’t say for sure exactly what she was doing. But I know we wanted to help her and we were trying to – but I guess we just weren’t able to help her in time. I knew she was struggling and had lots of things troubling her but I wouldn’t describe her as suicidal and we talked on the phone almost every day.”

How tragic. It’s too bad Chyna didn’t get the help she needed in time. It’s especially upsetting since she had lived a very peaceful life in Tokyo for three years until returning to the United States in 2015.

Recalling the last time he saw her, E.A. confided:

“We did our final interview then – she was really upset about a few things and wasn’t in a good place emotionally so I went over there and we filmed her for hours. She just had a lot to say and was very upset. It was a combination of things from her past and current troubles. I know she had been drinking and I think she was upset with things that were going on.”

So sad.

Despite the athlete’s personal problems, Erik wants to make it clear that she didn’t appear suicidal at the time:

“She left me a voicemail on Sunday night actually – it was a five-minute-long voicemail and she was saying she actually felt good and she wanted to see a doctor next week and get her prescriptions. She seemed upbeat – certainly not suicidal – she was making a lot of plans for the future.”

What a shame. Chyna was definitely taken too soon.

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Apr 22, 2016 7:02pm PDT

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