Game Of Thrones Premiere Makes Everyone Forget About Jon Snow’s Fate By Dropping THIS Truth Bomb About Melisandre — Get The Recap HERE!

game of thrones season six premiere

*WARNING: Major spoilers (below)*

Game Of Thrones just went all fairytale on us!

As you may know, the highly anticipated season six premiere hit HBO on Sunday and boy, did it not disappoint. Not only did the episode clarify the status of Jon Snow’s fate, but it also gave us an update on Sansa Stark’s escape from Winterfell and Daenerys Targaryen’s reunion with the Dothraki people.

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We know, it’s a lot. Be sure to ch-ch-check out the highlights from Sunday’s episode to see if your favorite character survived all of the drama (below)!

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1. Jon Snow is still dead *sobs*

This season’s drama picked up exactly where it left off — with Ned Stark’s bastard’s death. As Ghost howled in the background, Ser Davos and a few remaining Snow loyalists collected the dead Castle Black cutie’s body and barricaded themselves in a room. Cue Melisandre!

While we hoped that the Red Woman would bring the late Lord Commander back to life, it seems even she’s come to terms with his passing. No!

Meanwhile, Ser Alliser Thorne gave his “I’m the captain now speech” to the rest of the Night’s Watch as revealed he murdered Jon. Ugh!

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2. Brienne of Tarth FINALLY comes through

At the end of last year’s finale, we saw Theon save Sansa by jumping off a GIANT wall with her. Well, the twosome spent most of the episode racing the cold and Ramsay Bolton’s vicious dogs. Unfortunately, the Bolton henchman and terrifying canines eventually caught up with Winterfell’s Most Wanted. However, right when it seemed like Sansa would be sent back to her abusive husband, Brienne of Tarth appeared with her side kick Podrick to save the day. Bless!

We mean, it took her MULTIPLE seasons, but were just happy to see Brienne getting one step closer to keeping her vow to protect the Stark girls.

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3. The Sand snakes get their revenge

Hell hath no fury…

As Jaime Lannister reunited with his sister/lover Cersei he was forced to deliver the bad news that their daughter Myrcella had died thanks to Ellaria and her Sand Snakes.

However, the Dornish ladies didn’t just stop with killing the blonde princess as the group also brutally murdered the Prince Doran and his son in this episode. Not to mention, Ellaria’s speech about not letting Dorne be ruled by weak men while Doran bled out sent shivers up our spines. *Slow clap*

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4. Khal Drogo saves Daenerys — but not in the way you think

After Daenerys’ loyal dragon saved her from an assassination, it subsequently abandoned her to a Dothraki horde in the middle of the grassland. Oof!

Obviously not knowing that she is the Queen of a million titles, Daenerys was tied up and brought to the leader of this particular horde — Khal Moro. Though the young Queen remained silent until meeting the Khal, she pulled out some pretty impressive Dothraki to inform Moro about who she exactly was. Now, the Khal might not have cared about her royal titles, but he DID care that she was another Khal’s widow and promised that no one would touch her… but that they wouldn’t be returning her to Mereen. Yup, Khal Moro became the ultimate wet blanket and vowed to take Daeny to the land of Khal widows, AKA Temple of the Dosh Khaleen. Sigh!

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5. Melisandre takes a nap as a 200 year old crone

This is by far the best plot twist in GOT history. Since the episode was titled the Red Woman, we just assumed that the sorceress would be pulling out some epic magic tricks. Is anyone else still waiting for her to birth another smoke monster??

Anywho, we digress. Instead it appears that Melisandre is totally over the boys’ drama because after dealing with the loss Stannis Baratheon and Jon Snow, the fire enthusiast decided to take a nap — but not before revealing her true age. Yep, when Melisandre took off her token choker it revealed that she was not actually the hot maven she masquerades as.

Mind blown!

Were YOU shocked by everything that went down on GOT? SOUND OFF in the comments (below)!

P.S. In case you were wondering, yes Arya is still blind, Margaery is still being held prisoner by the High Sparrow, and Tyrion is still in Mereen waiting for the Mother of Dragons to come back to her throne.

Apr 25, 2016 7:45am PDT

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