Diva Alert! Mariah Carey Calls Out Fans In Amsterdam Performance: ‘Why Are There So Many Things That I Must Do Myself Around Here?’

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Mariah Carey was performing in Amsterdam on Saturday night as part of her Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour, when things came to a grinding halt as the singer decided she wasn’t feeling the fans!

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The fans in the air conditioning vents at the concert venue, that is!

The superstar took the stage at the Ziggo Dome, but mid-set forced the entire show to stop when she decided to ask technicians to make the fans blow air “appropriately.”

According to The Mirror, Carey was exasperated by the air blowing in an incorrect (?) way, and she lit into the situation:

“Urgh, these fans, I just want to fix them. It’s just never how I want it. Don’t you think that if I want the fans to blow air ├é┬¡appropriately then that’s what we need to have? Why are there so many things that I must do myself around here?”


As the fans were being fixed, the Dreamlover singer entertained fans with jokes, ad-lib songs, and more.

And when things finally got to how she wanted them in the arena, it seemed like Carey was genuinely appreciative:

“That’s so much better. Now I can sing a song and try to sing it to every single person in here tonight.”

She had some other problems on Saturday night, too — namely, that she showed up for her own concert nearly an hour late after celebrating a “dear friend’s” birthday party — but after all these issues, things went off without a hitch.

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She’s more than two months into this world tour now, with just a few weeks left as she travels to South Africa for gigs over the next couple of days.

We just can’t wait to see how stuff like this gets portrayed on her new reality show!

Drama, drama, drama!!

[Image via KIKA/WENN.]

Apr 25, 2016 2:19pm PDT

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