Female Sportswriters Get Random Men To Read The Horrific, Threatening Tweets They Receive Every Day — And The Results Are Painful To Watch…

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This is so disgusting… but what a powerful message.

Female sportswriters like Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro have been receiving horrible, nasty, sexually violent messages on Twitter for years as they do their jobs as journalists covering professional sports teams.

Now, they are fighting back.

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While Jimmy Kimmel may host a regular Mean Tweets segment on his talk show, Spain and DiCaro decided to take that one step further with a very powerful, poignant display of tweets they receive.

The two women got together a bunch of random men, and asked them to read out loud — to the sportswriters’ faces — the sexist, mysogenistic tweets sent by random Twitter users. The men reading the tweets weren’t the guys who sent them, and they had no ideas what the missives contained.

But the results… OMG.

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Check out the powerful video (below), that starts so lighthearted but ends SO powerfully.

DiCaro emailed Jezebel about the video and its purpose, too, explaining:

“The guys in the video are just random guys who thought they were being recruited to do a Kimmel-esque ├óΓé¼╦£Mean Tweets’ reading with local reporters. They had no idea what they were about to read. These are random tweets Sarah and I pulled from our mentions.”

DiCaro then dropped the ultimate truth, the thing that we would ALL like to see happen but we know never will (below):

“I would have LOVED to have tracked down the guy who ACTUALLY wrote them, so I could look them in the eye while they said that stuff. But alas, most of them use fake names or exist only in egg form.”

Seriously!!! So it goes with most worthless trolls, apparently, but man… coming face to face with DiCaro or Spain would have shut these losers up immediately!

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And the sportswriter also added a very powerful statement in her email:

“I get told all the time that ‘Twitter isn’t real life.’ But it IS real life. It’s MY life, specifically. And when people fire this shit off without thinking about it for more than a second, they affect MY LIFE. I’ve legit got a joke with my friends that I need one of those ├óΓé¼╦£X days since I’ve received an online rape threat” calendars.

While the guys who send this stuff are probably beyond help, maybe the video will make a difference to those who are constantly telling women online to get a thicker skin, ignore the trolls, blah blah blah. Because this stuff does affect our lives. You can only ignore so much of it for so long. It’s not just mean, it’s harassment. If it happened in real life people would be in jail for harassment and stalking.

Hopefully, the video will prompt Twitter to do more.”


It’s disgusting that female sportswriters have to go through these things, but hopefully powerful videos like this will shed more light on WHY this is a problem and what Twitter can do to remedy the situation.

Apr 26, 2016 6:44pm PDT

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