Lawyer For Prince’s Late Siblings Says Singer Abused Percocet AND Cocaine

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Following Prince‘s sad passing, everyone has been speculating about what exactly caused the legendary singer to meet his untimely end.

And since it could take weeks for the star’s autopsy results to come back, rumors are running rampant about his cause of death.

In the week before he died, the musician’s plane had to make an emergency landing. While his rep insisted it was because he was feeling ill with the flu, other reports claim the artist had overdosed on Percocet.

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The performer’s longtime lawyer absolutely slammed any allegations that he was addicted to drugs, but now another attorney is saying the opposite!

Mike Padden, who worked for the late legend’s half-sister Lorna and his step-brother Duane (who also worked as Prince’s bodyguard), says the Minnesota native didn’t only abuse the prescription pill, but also cocaine!

Apparently, the celeb’s siblings had relayed the information about their brother’s regular drug use to Mike, who in turn reached out to authorities after his death.

However, it’s important to note that Lorna died in 2006 and Duane passed away in 2011, so their lawyer’s knowledge is probably very outdated.

Then again, another family member — who was still in touch with the icon up until his death — also claims the hitmaker had used those drugs for years.

Who do U believe, Perezcious readers?

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Apr 26, 2016 3:25pm PDT

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