ICYMI: Diane Kruger Is Feuding With A Dead Man… Find Out Which Famous Drunk She Says Is The ‘Meanest Actor’ Ever!

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Don’t speak ill of the dead… unless you really hate them, of course!

Diane Kruger is currently starring in a French/German film called Sky alongside Lena Dunham and Norman Reedus, but you may still know the Inglorious Basterds and The Bridge star best for her part as Helen of Sparta in the 2004 epic Troy.

And while it may have been 12 years since she filmed that movie, she’s actually still holding on to some ill will towards one of her famous castmates!

Photo: Diane Kruger Goes Topless On Vacay In Mexico!

The 39-year-old was promoting Sky with Norman earlier this month over at Buzzfeed when The Walking Dead star asked her to pick out the “meanest actor” she’s ever worked with!

Well, it didn’t take long for Diane to identify her least desirable scene partner, saying:

Norman: “Who’s the meanest actor you’ve ever worked with… besides me?”

Diane: “Um, you know who wasn’t very pleasant, was Peter O’Toole.”

Norman: “Oh, come on! It’s Peter O’Toole.”

Diane: “I know! It kind of sucked. He’s dead, so I can say that. But he wasn’t the most pleasant person.”

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Peter is one of the most famous boozers in Hollywood history… so we buy it!

But Norman wasn’t about to let Diane off the hook without explaining her pick:

Norman: “Again, why was Peter O’Toole such a dick?”

Diane: “He was just a drunk, and Peter O’Toole. You know, he had a two-day part, and I played Helen of Troy and he was Peter O’Toole, and he just wanted to make sure that everybody knew that he was Peter O’Toole. And he could barely make it up the stairs. We were on a set that was — you know, you have to climb, like, I don’t know, 100 steps to go up.”

Sounds like she hated his lack of professionalism more than him as a person.

We guess Peter doesn’t have an Oscar or Diane Kruger’s respect

Rest in peace, Pete.

[Image via Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/FayesVision/WENN.]

Apr 28, 2016 5:27pm PDT

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