Prince Sources Confirm Painkiller Addiction As Feds Are Reportedly Investigating — Get The Scoop!

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It has now been one week since Prince tragically lost his life and we still can’t believe it.

While there has been plenty to talk about in the wake of the singer’s death, one of the more controversial topics surrounding the death has been the circumstances in which he died and whether or not painkillers were involved.

Before Prince’s passing, he was involved in an incident where his plane had to make an emergency landing and the legendary rock star was allegedly treated for a drug overdose. In fact, it was later reported that the Grammy winner OD’d on the painkiller Percocet!

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Since then, there has been a lot of conflicting reports as people have taken different sides about the rumored overdose, but now there are more sources linked to the rocker’s family that have come forward! The insiders told TMZ that doctors originally prescribed the painkiller back in 2009 when the singer suffered from hip problems but by the time he had surgery, he was hooked on the pills.

In the following years, the When Doves Cry singer developed a crippling addiction.

As of now, the feds are looking into not only who prescribed the drug, but who filled the prescriptions and why!

We will honestly probably have to wait for the autopsy to get the REAL story, but seeing as how it was just reported on Wednesday that the 57-year-old was found with prescription drugs, these rumors are certainly looking more and more true!

What do you think about the overdose rumors?

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Apr 28, 2016 7:36am PDT

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