Uber Driver Sues Snapchat After Girl Playing With App’s Speed Filter Crashes Into Him — Going 107 MPH!

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Snapchat has become a great way for people to share photos with friends — but like everything good in this world, people tend to find a way to ruin it.

A Georgia Uber driver is suing the popular photo-taking app after being hit by a woman who was driving at insane speeds so she could impress her friends with a selfie.

According to reports, Wentworth Maynard was merging onto a four lane highway outside of Atlanta, Georgia in September when his vehicle was hit “so violently it shot across the left lane into the left embankment.”

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Maynard suffered traumatic brain injuries after his car was struck by Christal McGee — who was reportedly on her phone trying to use the Snapchat speed filter when the accident occurred.

Now, the victim is suing both McGee and Snapchat. His lawyers stated in a complaint:

“McGee wanted to post an image of herself going fast. She argued that she was, ‘Just trying to get the car to 100 miles per hour to post it on Snapchat.’ While [she] was distracted and on her phone, McGee did not notice that a gray Mitsubishi, driven by Maynard Wentworth, had pulled out onto the road.”

A passenger in the distracted driver’s car said she hit 113 mph on the filter, and the car was allegedly going 107 mph — in a 55 mph speed limit — when it crashed into the other vehicle.

McGee was also injured in the accident, and was taken to a local hospital on a gurney. The first thing she did in the ambulance was — you guessed it — took a Snapchat selfie with blood trickling down her face.

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Depending how this pans out in court, we wouldn’t be surprised if the app will be forced to remove its speed filter to prevent any other accidents like this one.

Snapchat does display a “don’t snap and drive” disclaimer, but clearly that’s not enough to stop users from taking the perfect selfie at the risk of endangering others!

Hopefully, this will be a cautionary tale to prevent others from snapping and driving!

[Image via Snapchat.]

Apr 28, 2016 1:37pm PDT

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