Will Ferrell Cast As Dementia-Stricken President Ronald Reagan In Upcoming Comedy — And Someone In The Family Is VERY Upset About It!

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When it comes to casting actors to play non-fiction characters, the decisions can quite often be a bit controversial — especially when they’re caricatures for a comedy!

Well it seems that Will Ferrell has joined the list of WTF castings, as it’s been announced that the Saturday Night Live alum will be starring as former President Ronald Reagan in an upcoming comedy!

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The film is simply titled Reagan and follows the former POTUS at the beginning of his second term as he falls into dementia. Wackiness ensues when an intern is given the job of convincing Reagan that he is an actor playing the president in a movie.

While it sounds like a pretty silly idea, we can also see how those that are affected by dementia or people who may have known the President personally might be offended.

Not surprisingly, that’s exactly what happened as Ronald’s son Michael Reagan took to Twitter to vent his frustration about the flick saying:

Of course, Michael isn’t alone in finding the notion offensive. Others have tweeted:

Despite some negative views though, Reagan gained a lot of popularity in the last year as the script, which was written by Mike Rosolio, was at the top of the Blacklist — a yearly list of the top unproduced scripts in Hollywood.

Not only that, but a stage reading of the script was also performed by Lena Dunham and John Cho back in March!

What are you thoughts on Ferrell’s casting?!

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Apr 28, 2016 3:28pm PDT

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