Billboard Music Awards May FINALLY Confirm That Britney Spears Is Performing At The Awards Show — Get The Scoop!

britney spears billboard music awards rumors

Oh man, we can’t wait!

On Friday, Robin Leach teased in the Las Vegas Sun that the Billboard Music Awards may be announcing on Monday that Britney Spears will perform at the May event. YAS KWEEN!

As you may know, it was rumored a few weeks ago that the Baby One More Time singer will perform her new track Make Me (Oooh) at the upcoming BMAs.

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Mr. Leach, who intially teased the award show news, wrote to Miz Spears’ fans:

“I’m not being a smart aleck, but let me just tell all her fans that my sources are impeccably reliable and far more revealing to me than you, so don’t work yourself into such a frenzy.

There’s a right time and place for you to get the facts. Sometimes here at Vegas DeLuxe, we know news far in advance before we can release it. Here’s a perfect example: Expect a big announcement Monday from Billboard Music Awards producers that will make you all happy. I know what’s coming but am sworn to secrecy until then. Britney’s fans will be very happy, and our scoops do come true. Now be patient and wait until Monday’s big surprise.”

LOVES it! We can’t help but believe Robin as Brit was spotted leaving the studio this week — though, maybe she was just training for her Las Vegas residency?

Stay tuned…

[Image via Britney Spears/Instagram.]

Apr 29, 2016 7:04pm PDT

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