Top NFL Prospect Falls In Draft After His Social Media Account Gets Hacked — Revealing Not One But TWO Major Scandals!

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The NFL Draft is supposed to be a joyous day for players and fans alike as teams make a precious few college kids’ dreams come true.

But Laremy Tunsil, a top offensive tackle prospect, had an AWFUL night as the athlete fell several spots at the last minute, losing out on tons of money.

And it’s all thanks to (allegedly) hacked Twitter AND Instagram accounts!

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The hacker somehow got access to Tunsil’s Twitter account and posted a video of the 21-year-old using a gas mask bong. Not only that, they later shared a a screen shot of a conversation between the Ole Miss player and one of his coaches that heavily suggested the student accepted money, a MAJOR NCAA no-no!

You can see the since deleted pictures (below):

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The conversation in question — which was also deleted — in regards to Laremy accepting money:

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Despite all this, the offensive tackle ended up being drafted by the Miami Dolphins with the 13 overall pick.

However, things got a bit stickier for the star athlete as he had to answer questions by reporters after he was drafted.

Tunsil did his best to stay professional, but as questions came pouring in about the smoking picture, the Dolphins player eventually admitted it was him in the mask. The money was a different issue as he tried to deny accepting any cash saying “Nah, I wouldn’t say that.”

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Eventually though, Laremy was worn down when another reporter asked “Was it an exchange between you and your coach, for money?” It was at this point that the NFL player caved and said “I’d have to say yeah.”

When another journalist tried to ask if he had talked to the NCAA regarding the money issue, a woman swooped in to stop the questioning and said “He’s got no more comments.” You can check out Laremy’s press conference (below) for yourself:

And if that wasn’t enough, it recently came out that Tunsil’s stepfather filed a lawsuit accusing his stepson of assaulting him last June! Both men dropped their charges related to the incident in August of last year, but just one more scandal to worry about.

Talk about a rough day!

Aside from a possible investigation, Tunsil has already lost a TON of money by slipping so far in the draft.

Do you think he deserves more punishment??

[Image via AP Images.]

Apr 29, 2016 9:52am PDT

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