High School Students Accidentally Shown Horror Movie Human Centipede 2! Find Out The Fallout From The Freaky Film!

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This is quite the mistake to make!

Tennessee high school students viewed part of Human Centipede 2 on Wednesday — a “torture porn” film that is so graphic, it’s been banned in several countries!

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Students at Jackson Central-Merry High School in Jackson, Tennessee apparently watched at least a portion of the film, though school administrators are remaining tight lipped about exactly what part the kids saw, who put it on screen, or why the movie was shown.

The Jackson Sun obtained a copy of a letter sent from the school’s principal to parents on Friday, two days after the incident, disclosing exactly what had happened:

“I understand that on Wednesday, April 20, 2016, your student may have inadvertently viewed inappropriate content in a JCM classroom. This occurrence is inconsistent with our Mission and Vision at Jackson Central Merry. I have investigated the situation and talked to those involved. Immediate action has been taken to assure that there will be no further occurrences.”

No further occurrences? Well that’s a relief! Ha!!

According to reports, the teacher in question has been suspended (below):


The superintendent of the school district, Verna Ruffin, wasn’t saying much about the incident afterwards, either, telling reporters:

“The matter has been addressed. It’s inappropriate and unacceptable.”

Inappropriate though it may be, the director of the entire Human Centipede franchise, Tom Six, had a slightly different take on his film being shown to high schoolers (below):

And Six continued, even offering a special gift for the teacher in question:


Have YOU seen Human Centipede 2??

[Image via Six Entertainment Company.]

Apr 29, 2016 5:45pm PDT

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