AWFUL! Footage Shows Stressed SeaWorld Orca Banging Head Over And Over Against Enclosure!

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This is so infuriating!

An orca (AKA killer whale) at an aquatic attraction in the Canary Islands was captured on video in distress, banging its head against the enclosure as it tried to escape its small confinement.

Ric O’Barry‘s organization, Dolphin Project, captured the video (above) at Loro Parque, an attraction in the Spanish island territory just off the coast of Africa, and it shows some distressing moments.

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The attraction apparently has six orca whales on premises, all of which are owned by SeaWorld. Four were sent there to breed, while one was born at the park, and the sixth was rescued from the wild.

It’s that sixth whale — named Morgan — that O’Barry’s activists believe is the one banging its head against the enclosure wall in the video.

Activists contend that she is stressed and scared in her enclosure, with one citing a study that observed her having trouble with a larger, more aggressive male orca that is affecting her quality of life:

“Since her transfer [to Loro Parque] she has been brutally and continually attacked and is subjected to excessive sexual pressure from a male orca who she is often locked into the same tank with. Morgan, was attacked, on average, more than once an hour. The other study recorded an aggressive episode only once every 234 hours ├óΓé¼┬ª This does not include the damage she has self-inflicted from abnormal and repetitive behaviors such as banging her head on the concrete tanks. Additionally, Morgan is wearing her teeth down from chewing on the concrete. Teeth wear in captive orca often leads to infections.”


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The park claims, of course, that the behavior isn’t a stressful indicator, but rather one of “pent up sexual energy,” which, yeah, riiiiiiight

Ch-ch-check it out (below):


It’s time to get those orcas out of these tiny medical pools for holding, and it’s REALLY time to get these beautiful animals out of SeaWorld for good!!!

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May 2, 2016 5:09pm PDT

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