GLAAD Study Says Hollywood’s Depiction Of LGBT Characters Is Actually Getting WORSE!

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We’re not glad about this news…

Even though LGBT rights have been threatened throughout the country over the past few weeks, we were content knowing that our fave celebs were doing everything in their power to protect queer individuals.

Well, it seems as though we were giving Hollywood too much credit — that is, at least according to the latest findings by GLAAD!

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That’s because the equal rights media organization released its fourth annual Studio Responsibility Index report on Monday, and things have actually gotten worse for LGBT characters in film compared to last year!

GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis confirmed the bad news in a blog post on their website, saying:

“Hollywood’s films lag far behind any other form of media when it comes to portrayals of LGBT characters. Too often, the few LGBT characters that make it to the big screen are the target of a punchline or token characters. The film industry must embrace new and inclusive stories if it wants to remain competitive and relevant.”

Apparently, of the 126 major motion pictures released in 2015, only 22 (17.5 percent) of them featured a queer character — that’s identical to the 20 of 114 (17.5 percent) achieved in 2014.

But as if that weren’t bad enough, we’re also hearing that only six of those 22 LGBT-friendly movies had a non-cis character with more than ten minutes of screentime — and only Hot Pursuit featured a trans character… as a punchline!

Basically, gay people can be in movies… as long as they’re not actual characters.

[Image via FOX Searchlight Pictures.]

May 2, 2016 1:21pm PST

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