A Judge Solidifies The Appointee Of Prince’s Estate

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Well, this is a start!

On Monday, a judge in Minnesota confirmed the appointee of Prince‘s massive estate. The legal move is the first of many steps that will have to be taken before the singer’s fortune can be fairly disseminated amongst his siblings.

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The singer’s only full-blooded sister, Tyka Nelson, made the move last week to have Bremer Trust handle the singer’s financial affairs after it was revealed he didn’t leave a will. Considering Bremer Trust has dealt with the icon’s accounts before, it makes sense they’d be the one to take care of his money until an executor is approved.

News of the confirmation comes on the heels of rumored fighting between Tyka and the rest of Prince’s half-siblings including Alfred Jackson. Apparently Nelson didn’t invite Alfred to the legend’s memorial service, which was very hurtful to him. The other family members also believe that T.N. is trying to score a larger portion of the Purple Rain singer’s estate.

At the hearing today, rumors of tension were seemingly confirmed when Tyka chose to sit separately from her four other siblings in attendance. The estranged sis also didn’t take the opportunity to talk to her other family members.

Despite alleged disagreements, Alfred’s lawyer said of the hearing:

“Everyone is in full accord. It’s early yet, the game has just started. You never know. In these kinds of cases, especially dealing with large estates, it’s typical for there to be fruitless claims throughout. Fortunately, there have been no unfair surprises and no shocks.”

Well, that’s quite the relief. The last thing the family needs is drama when Prince’s cause of death has yet to be revealed. There’s just too many important things to worry about right now!

We’ll keep you updated as this case progresses.

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May 2, 2016 2:44pm PST

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