Ruby Rose Silences Haters By Proudly Admitting She Has No Ass!

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Ruby Rose is aware she’s no Kim Kardashian West when it comes to ass!

On Sunday, Ruby took to Instagram to poke fun at her barely there derriere after a bunch of fans called her out. Luckily for Rose, she has an arsenal of killer comebacks to keep the haters away!

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The drama all started when R.R. posted a hilarious pic of her gym shorts. If you look closely at the photo (below)! you’ll notice the back of Ruby’s pantaloons decided to awkwardly resemble a vagina.

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Ha! Of course that would happen to Ms. Rose!

While the beauty had only intended to get some laughs by sharing the pic, she received a bunch of hateful comments about her hiney instead. Not one to be deterred by backlash, the actress shared a hilarious message in response:

Well said, girl! We’re glad to you can find humor in any situation.

So, do YOU think Ruby handled this situation well?

[Image via Instagram.]

May 2, 2016 11:52am PDT

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