Space Jam 2 Is Coming, Starring LeBron James! Get The Deets!

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This is going to be so cool!!

Just as we predicted last year, LeBron James is set to star in Space Jam 2! The sequel is picking up steam and looks ready to lift off in t-minus… well, soon anyway! Ha!!

Details are scarce as news is just breaking of potential pairings for the project, but The Hollywood Reporter is confirming that the Cleveland Cavaliers star will find himself on the silver screen thanks to Justin Lin, Andrew Dodge, and Alfredo Botello, who are writing the sequel.

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Of course, the first Space Jam starred LeBron’s NBA superstar predecessor, Michael Jordan, and came out to worldwide fanfare in 1996.

In total, it grossed about $230.4 million worldwide as a live action/animation hybrid that paired the then-Chicago Bulls star with the Looney Tunes cartoon characters.

Now, Warner Bros. and the production team are hoping for a reboot of success with arguably the league’s most marketable star since MJ — and presumably, the plot and general arc will be somewhat similar!!

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Lin is set to direct the film, with sources revealing he’s going to be involved all the way through regarding creative development.

If that’s true, the film may be in good hands; the director has already worked with Dodge on several projects and is best known for his work on four of the Fast & Furious films as well as the upcoming Star Trek Beyond.

LeBron shone in a supporting role in Trainwreck last year, so we can’t wait to see how he does in Space Jam 2!!!

Are YOU excited??

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May 2, 2016 4:00pm PDT

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