It’s Over! John Kasich Is Suspending His Campaign, Making Donald Trump The De Facto Republican Nominee!

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As the primaries continue, the race for the nominations gets tighter and tighter — and it looks like the GOP’s fight might finally be over!

On Wednesday, Ted Cruz handed Donald Trump a major victory when he decided to withdraw from the race to the White House.

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While that pretty much sealed up Trump’s victory, there was still one other candidate in the GOP race that was holding out hope — Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Though we NEVER wanted Donald to become the Republican candidate, it pains us to announce that a senior campaign advisor for Kasich confirmed to NBC News John would be dropping out of the race on top of several other sources close to the campaign reporting to other news outlets.

Unfortunately, this means the former Celebrity Apprentice star is basically the Republican nominee now. Sigh.

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Interestingly enough, it was only last night Kasich’s campaign said Trump’s major victory in Indiana was “not going to alter” their candidate’s plan saying:

“Our strategy has been and continues to be one that involves winning the nomination at an open convention.”

We guess plans changed? LOLz.

The original plan was for Cruz and Kasich to kind of team up against Trump and prevent him from winning the 1,237 delegates before the GOP convention that would be needed to secure the nomination.

Sadly, John was only able to snag 154 delegates as he ended up falling behind the 172 delegates Marco Rubio scored before dropping out in March.

On a positive note, we might not hear as much bile from Donald for a while, at least until the Democrats officially name his opponent.

On the other hand, Trump’s victory does bring us one step closer to the apocalypse…

What do you think of Kasich dropping out of the race?!

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May 4, 2016 12:51pm PDT

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