Watch As A Falling Mattress Causes A Motorcycle Crash — And Then Miraculously Breaks The Rider’s Fall!

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Once in a while the stars align and an epic, one-in-a-million event occurs — and every once in a while that miracle gets caught on camera!

Footage from a dash cam recently hit the ‘net showing a truck in Lopburi, Thailand losing a mattress out of its bed — while speeding down the highway!

But what could have ended in tragedy instead became a story one motorcyclist will tell for years!

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The lone biker was struck out of nowhere by the windblown mattress, which seemed destined for him…

But the good news is, he ended up landing on it; it totally broke his fall!

Good thing too, because it does NOT look like he was wearing a helmet!

Ch-ch-check out the CRAZY crash video (below) and let us know the craziest accident you’ve seen!

Thankfully, it was reported in the YouTube description the victim was not injured. However, if you think that was crazy, it wasn’t the first time something like this has happened as back in 2013, a similar incident occurred in Brazil:

We’re not sure who they are or where they come from, but we thank the mattress heroes for protecting the world, one cyclist at a time! LOLz!

May 4, 2016 2:09pm PDT

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