Scientists Discover Male Spiders That Perform Oral Sex ‘Up To 100 Times’ On Female Mating Partners — Find Out Why!

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In the spider world, it’s eat out or be eaten!

Researchers from Slovenia discovered the Madagascan Darwin’s bark spider performs oral sex up to 100 times when mating with a female!

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A new study noted that the species has a “rich sexual repertoire,” which includes fun things like sexual cannibalism and genital mutilation — and performing extensive cunnilingus sessions!

While this might not seem like a big deal, scientists were quick to point out oral sex rarely occurs in the animal kingdom.

No wonder everything is so violent! Ha!

Aside from mammals like lemurs, lions, dolphins and bats — which are known to occasionally go down on their mates — the sexual activity in spiders is exceptionally rare.

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Lead researcher Matjaz Gregoric said after studying the spiders for two weeks, the team discovered the males routinely salivated on the genitalia of their mates before, during, and after sex.

He explained in a statement:

“Oral sexual contact seems to be an obligate sexual behaviour in this species as all males did it before, in between, and after copulation, even up to 100 times.”

Hmmm… maybe the fact that the males are 14 times lighter and 2.3 times smaller than the females has something to do with it!? LOLz

As for why the male spiders are so eager to please their lovers, researchers found that the arachnids want to boost its chances of mating by showing its quality as a “lover” or by creating a chemical environment to favor its sperm over another’s!

And the fact that a sexually satisfied female is less likely to eat the male afterward always helps too!

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May 4, 2016 5:57pm PDT

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