On-Air Reporter Publicly Comes Out As Transgender — Citing Caitlyn Jenner As Her Inspiration!

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She’s finally doing something to help the community!

Caitlyn Jenner may not be the poster child for transgender awareness, but you can’t say she hasn’t been influential in at least a few of her peers’ lives.

That’s because a traffic reporter from Massachusetts just publicly came out as trans and is citing Cait as her inspiration!

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Kristen Eck has been doing daily morning traffic reports for WBZ NewsRadio 1030 in Boston for the past 19 years as Scott Eck, but on Wednesday she shared her true identity with the public!

Kristen decided to go public with the news in hopes of not confusing her loyal listeners, saying:

“This has been a journey of sorts that I’ve been on for the last 40 years of my life. It was when I was about 5 years old that something clicked in my head and I realized that I was different from most of the other kids around me. There was something from deep within me that said, ‘this isn’t my body,’ or, ‘this isn’t the body that I’m supposed to have.’ I felt very genuinely and very deeply that I was supposed to be a girl.

A lot of people were wondering, saying ‘if you’re making this transition, if you’re becoming Kristen, does your voice go away?’ And it doesn’t. It’ll be the same voice that you hear every day in the helicopter; that you’ve been hearing every day in the helicopter. That stays the same. The sense of humor stays the same — for better or worse. My love of [reporting] stays the same. So there are a lot of things that won’t change at all.”

Way to go, Kris!

Apparently, Kristen first admitted her desire to change genders to her then-live-in girlfriend in 1995, but due to the negative social stigma, she lacked the resources to really embrace her identity.

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Luckily, Caitlyn’s public transition in 2015 was what finally convinced her to make the change, and she now hopes to have gender reassignment surgery within the next year!

Congratulations on finally getting to be your true self, Kristen!

[Image via Ray Bartlett/Kaisora and E!.]

May 5, 2016 4:45pm PDT

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