Man Sentenced To 25 Years For Killing Prom Date During Rough Sex

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Everyone’s High School prom is supposed to be a joyous time to remember, but for one Houston couple back in 2014, it ended in tragedy.

On May 17, 2014, a day after MacArthur High School’s prom, Eddie Herrera allegedly woke up in his hotel room and found his girlfriend Jackie Gomez dead in the bed next to him.

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Eddie called his mom, Melissa Ann Martinez, who is also awaiting trial for her involvement in the teenager’s death, before calling 9-1-1 two hours later.

After eight months, Herrera was arrested for his role in Jackie’s death and has been on trial since.

On Wednesday, Eddie was officially charged with aggravated assault resulting in Gomez’s death and was sentenced to 25 years after admitting during the trial that he choked her while they were having rough sex.

The autopsy also found hydrocodone and alcohol were both in the girl’s system at the time of death.

At the time of the arrest, Eddie told authorities that his girlfriend was still alive when he went to sleep.

However, Assistant District Attorney Justin Wood said:

“With a combination of the alcohol and the hydrocodone, the body was already so depressed that it could not recover from those choking injuries. This is just extremely sad because it could’ve all been prevented.”

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During the trial, Jackie’s cousin took the stand and talked about how she would never forgive the now 20-year-old for what he did, and she felt that 25 years was not enough. Wood also commented on Gomez’s cousin’s statements saying:

“That moment is always pretty powerful because it is a chance for the victim’s family or the victim to address their perpetrator directly. And so for Alex, who was Jackie’s cousin who she was very close to, to be able to know that he has to sit there and listen to and hear some of what they’ve had to experience over the last two years is pretty powerful.”

As for Melissa’s role, she’s still awaiting her trial that will start next week as she’s charged with providing drugs and alcohol to the underage couple, as well as booking the hotel and allegedly lying to Jackie’s mom about the kids.

Our hearts go out to all those affected by this terrible tragedy.

[Image via Houston Police Department.]

May 5, 2016 3:17pm PDT

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