Prince’s 911 Caller May Face Criminal Charges For The Part He Played In The Late Singer’s Tragedy

prince 911 caller criminal charges

Well this could certainly complicate things.

On Thursday, it was reported that the man who dialed 911 in regards to Prince‘s death could be facing criminal charges for the part he played in the late Raspberry Beret singer’s tragedy. What??

According to TMZ, Andrew Kornfeld had a synthetic opiate in his backpack at the time of the late icon’s passing. It’s said that Andrew’s father runs a rehab center in Marin County, California. Whoa.

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The pills that were discovered in Kornfeld’s bag are predominantly used to help addicts wean off drugs like Percocet. In case you forgot, it’s been rumored that Prince had an addiction to the painkiller before his untimely death.

Obviously, investigators are trying to get to the bottom of why Andrew would have the pills on his person around the Grammy winner. We have our theories…

Still, Andrew’s lawyer defends that his client should be granted immunity from any criminal charges since he was acting as a “good samaritan.” Supposedly, there is a Minnesota state law that gives protection to people who might be involved in a drug related crime IF they dial 911. It’s said that the purpose of this law is to make sure that wrongdoers will help those in trouble without fear of prosecution.

Hmm, go on.

However the person is no longer immune from facing legal action if, when they call for help, they were intending to get paid for dialing 911. It’s currently unconfirmed if Andrew and/or his father were hired to assist Prince during his time of need.

Not to mention, it is illegal to bring drugs across state lines — so if Andrew’s dad DID prescribe drugs to The Artist, that is a total no-no. It’ll be inneresting to see what happens next regarding this incredibly sad story.

Stay tuned.

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May 5, 2016 8:17am PDT

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