Rachel McAdams Wages War On Ocean Noise Pollution — Get Why She’s Defending ‘Baby Whales’ & ‘Other Marine Life’ HERE!

rachel mcadams documentary ocean noise

Rachel McAdams is more than just actress!

In fact, the Spotlight star is actively involved in promoting awareness about the disastrous effects of underwater noise pollution. Color us impressed!

The blonde beauty, who narrates the Discover Channel‘s film Sonic Sea, revealed that she became involved in the cause when she saw a rough cut of the documentary from the filmmaker.

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She shared:

“I was shocked by it and very emotional and surprised about how little I knew about what’s going on in our oceans. You don’t hear it, but it’s a whole cacophony down there.”

Apparently, the film discusses the severe impact that manmade endeavors, such as commercial shipping, have the ocean’s sound waves. The more you know!

Miz McAdams continued:

“The idea that a baby whale couldn’t find its mom because they communicate through sound is so sad. And not only whales, but a lot of marine life ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ even shrimp ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ depend on their hearing.”

Tissues, anyone? Still, Rachel wasn’t always aware of the world beneath the water as she dished that when she was growing up her local swimming holes were constantly polluted. It wasn’t until The Notebook alum was 21 and on a trip in Australia that she became passionate about the ocean.

She added:

“I discovered this aquatic world down there that I had been missing out on…you can’t get me out of the water now.”

AH-Mazing! The 37-year-old is also looking to the future, as she hopes that she canpass on her love of water to her future kids — as well as provide them with a clean and protected ocean to explore. Aww!

Rachel concluded:

“…we need to have these species around us forever or for as long as we can. This noise pollution is pushing a lot of them to the brink.”

Be sure to ch-ch-check out Sonic Sea when it premieres on the Discovery Channel on May 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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May 6, 2016 12:46pm PDT

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