11-Year-Old Girl Scalped When Her Hair Got Caught In A Carnival Ride — Read All About Her Fight For Life

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*** WARNING: The following post is extremely graphic ***

An 11-year-old girl is currently recovering after an accident on a carnival ride over the weekend left her completely scalped.

Elizabeth “LuLu” Gilreath was taking part in Omaha, Nebraska’s Cinco de Mayo festival on Saturday when her hair began to get tangled up in the mechanics of the ride she was on.

While her friend and other visitors tried to get the operator’s attention, we’re hearing LuLu was actually in distress for anywhere from five to ten minutes before the attraction finally came to a stop!

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Unfortunately, that’s when spectators noticed the pre-teen was laying bloody at the bottom of the ride — but luckily they were quick enough to fashion a make-shift tourniquet out of clothes for the young girl.

LuLu’s mother Virginia Cooksey gave an update on her daughter’s tragic injuries in a Facebook post Sunday, saying:

“Please pray for my baby girl. Lord please beside her and give her a full recovery. Lulu is such a amazing and out going little girl she has to make it threw this she want to be a senator when she grows up. She loves to read and learn. She loves her family dearly. Please family and friends keep lulu is your thoughts and prays on this mothers day. No mother should have to go threw what im going threw. I want the man who is responsible for being so stupid and neglecting my daughter to be punish for this crime and i want to know everyone who was involved in saving my daughters life to know how thankful her family and i are. We have a long road ahead of us[sic].”

While the events were certainly traumatizing, LuLu is recuperating at Nebraska Medicine and is expected to survive.

However, as if being scalped weren’t terrible enough, the surgery to reattach her hair took place at eye level, so LuLu may never be able to see again, either.

See Virginia’s entire heartbreaking Facebook post — including photos of LuLu in the hospital — if you can stomach it (below):

Get well soon, LuLu.

[Image via Emilio Temperlay/Facebook.]

May 9, 2016 11:48am PST

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