One Of Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass Students Reveals What Xtina Is REALLY Like As A Singing Teacher!

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We all know Christina Aguilera is an AH-Mazing singer and a pretty great coach on The Voice — but how good of a vocal teacher is she REALLY?!

Last summer the blonde beauty signed on with MasterClass, an online education company, to help teach some singing for their on-air courses!

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Well now that the lessons are wrapped, one of Xtina’s students, Emily Goglia, has spoken up about what it was like to have the Genie in a Bottle singer as a teacher — and she had nothing but good things to say!

Goglia opened up to People about her experience saying:

“Walking into it, I didn’t know what to expect. But Christina was so down to earth and just talked to us as equals. That was really calming.”

The aspiring student went on to dish about performing Miz Aguilera’s song Beautiful in front of the songstress saying:

“She’d been looking at the ground when I started but when I did my first run, she looked up and made direct eye contact with me. I swear, it was like she turned her chair around on The Voice. It was so reassuring.”

The 28-year-old also recalled the most helpful advice she received from The Voice coach:

“We talked about how she had a lot of discussions with [‘Beautiful’ writer] Linda Perry about putting licks and having vocal moments on every line and that’s not what the song is about. So she worked with me on simplifying it and she reacted to it really well.”

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Even though Emily’s time with the 35-year-old is over, she looked back on it with utmost fondness, saying:

“Christina has so much knowledge and has been doing this her whole life. So to hear her talk about and critique what I had just been singing was incredible. She’s so matter-of-fact. She’s great. Of course I wanted to learn what makes her sparkle…”

Emily’s lessons have already paid off as she not only performed as she not only performed as part of the ensemble of Fox‘s Grease: Live earlier this year, but she’s also got an upcoming one-woman show titled Stages at 54 Below in New York City on May 13!

If you’re interested in check out Christina’s online lessons, you can look into them HERE or check out a trailer for her courses (below):

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May 9, 2016 3:18pm PDT

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