Kristen Stewart Refuses To Label Her Sexuality & Doesn’t ‘Have Time For You’ If You Don’t Understand Why!

You tell 'em, Kristen!

Kristen Stewart may have had some high-profile lady loves recently, but that doesn’t mean she’s down to define her sexuality!

The beauty opened up to Variety for the Cannes issue — which also served as the debut issue of the mag’s newly redesigned format — explaining that she’s not about labels!

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The actress explained that she refuses to straight-up define who she is AND who she’s attracted to, saying:

“Me not defining it right now is the whole basis of what I’m about. If you don’t get it, I don’t have time for you.”

We totally respect that, KStew!

In fact, in the interview, the lovely lady actively avoided using the word “gay,” and when the reporter asked why, she jokingly quipped:

“Like, say it so [you] can print it?”

And while she may not be here for slapping a label on her sexuality, the 26-year-old is here for the way people have come to encourage this label-less love, adding:

“There’s acceptance that’s become really rampant and cool. You don’t have to immediately know how to define yourself.”

However, the gorgeous gal admitted that it wasn’t easy dealing with the stress the public had placed on her to define her fluid feelings:

“I had to have some answer about who I was. I felt this weird responsibility, because I didn’t want to seem fearful. But nothing seemed appropriate. So I was like, ‘F*ck, how do I define that?’ I’m not going to.”

The California native also added that she didn’t want to downplay the issues of those people who have seriously struggled with their sexuality:

“Plus, I didn’t want to f*ck with other people. I didn’t want to be this example: It’s so easy. I don’t want it to seem like it was stupid for them to have a hard time.”

But labels or not, Miz Stewart still enjoys being an advocate for the LGBT community, saying:

“I find the movement that’s occurring to be so important, that I want to be part of it.

For more of Kristen, ch-ch-check out the behind-the-scenes shots and more pics from her shoot (above) or pick up Variety‘s latest issue when it hits newsstands this week!

[Image via Peter Yang/Variety.]

May 9, 2016 7:04pm PDT

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