Zendaya Hopes To Be A ‘Symbol Of Confidence’ For Young People — Mission Accomplished!


This girl!!

Zendaya is at it again — you know, just making the world a more positive place and stuff!

The 19-year-old beauty attended the TOMS shoe-giving trip in El Lay last month where she talked about using her platform in a useful way and the importance of young people having a role model.

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The California native told People:

“I feel like it’s really important for young people dealing with bullying to see a symbol of confidence. Whether that be from me on social media or from someone in their family, I feel like that is really important to have someone that they can look to and know that confidence is possible. That’s why I do it.”


If she’s also looking to inspire old people like us — done and done!

As for her partnership with TOMS One Day Without Shoes focused on raising awareness about the plight of disadvantaged individuals around the world, Zendaya shared:

“I like to use my platform for bigger things than just myself and things that I believe in and I feel very strongly about. This is one of those things. Just using my platform and the things that I love to help other people and bring more awareness to things that I feel like need it.”

LOVES seeing young Hollywood stepping up in such selfless ways!

[Image via WENN.]

May 10, 2016 11:47am PDT

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